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Doug Kass closes his eyes for a moment and travels back to the 1980s.
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When famous faces, designer duds and the best creative minds in the business come together --- magic happens
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In most states, private sector employees can legally be fired for their political speech.
8 Crazy Things That Happen When You're a Hand Model

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Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Here's This Week's Game Plan

Warren Buffett provided a breather, but now it's back to earnings madness, Cramer says.
Prince Had Money Problems

There are reports estimating Prince's net worth was $300 million when he died, but sources tell TMZ it was actually less than half that amount. Anonymous advisers to the singer say he wouldn't sell his music catalog, and he rarely licensed his music for use in commercials and the like....
Ripa, Strahan Win a Final Award Together

The team of Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan is going out on top with Emmy gold. The Live With Kelly and Michael duo won the Daytime Emmy for best entertainment talk show host on Sunday, capping a tumultuous two weeks that began with Strahan's announced departure for Good Morning America...
Don't Sell Your Home - There May Be Nothing to Buy

Sellers face a terrifying market for buyers, so many are deciding not to sell just now.
Choose the Wrong Credit Rewards Card? You May Have Just Made An $800 Mistake

There's cash on the table with rewards credit cards, but choose wisely.
5 Great Reasons to Boost Your Credit Score

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5 ways to grow your emergency fund

You cansave for a rainy day without slipping. Follow these tips to stay on track.
Take a virtual quick-step around Carrie Ann Inaba's home

The "Dancing With the Stars" judge hopes to score a winning price for her L.A. abode.
Explaining the Declining Balance Method

The declining balance method is a system for calculating an assets rate of depreciation against its non-depreciated balance.
How Is Impairment Loss Calculated?

Impairment loss is the decrease in an assets net carrying value that exceeds the future undisclosed cash flow it should generate.
Radiohead Vanishes Online, Leaves a Few Breadcrumbs

Radiohead has announced a new world tour that kicks off May 20 . A ninth album is said to be forthcoming. On Saturday, some fans received cryptic postcards with only the words: "Sing the song of sixpence that goes / Burn the witch / We know where you live," a move...
IWM: An ETF Performance Case Study

Explore the dynamics behind the returns of the iShares Russell 2000 ETF since 2012, including which months are best for investing and which ones are best to avoid.
Teacher Gets Felony Charge for Lying About Puppy

In a bizarre turn of events, an Illinois community college adjunct professor who claimed to have found a puppy inside a pillowcase along the highway is now being charged with a felony, the Chicago Tribune reports. Earlier this month, 38-year-old Hope Sanchez brought the 3-week-old puppy to show her psychology...
Use a personal loan for home improvements?

See 5 reasons why a personal loan beats a home equity loan or line of credit.
Calculating capital gain on rental property that has 2nd mortgage

The 2nd mortgage isn't in the equation when you calculate gain. Here's how it works.
Why I Run

Robin Arzon never expected a dangerous encounter would lead her to become the ultra-marathoner she is today. Watch how she used running to take back her life in this inspiring video.
See the Miami palace LeBron James sold for $13.4M

The NBA superstar scored a $4.4 profit on his waterfront home from his Heat days.
14 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Protein Sources

Meat- and dairy-free protein options can help you stay slim and healthy.
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Woman: Jared Fogle Sent Me 'Horrifying' Prison Letter
So, how's it going for former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle? "It's been a very hard nine months for me," he allegedly wrote in a March 25 letter sent from the Colorado prison where he's serving more than 15 years for child porn and having illicit sexual conduct with a child... More >
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After 16 Years, Mountain Gives Up Climbing Legend's Body
The frozen remains of one of the greatest American mountain climbers that ever lived have been found on the mountain where he died. Alex Lowe was 40 years old and considered the best in the world when he died alongside cameraman David Bridges in October 1999, the AP reports. They... More >
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