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Feb. 12 Premarket Briefing: 10 Things You Should Know

U.S. stock futures are rising Friday and European stocks rebound. Oil prices come off 12-year lows.
The Dish on Sexy New Water-Based Trojan Lubricants

Our most adventurous readers got up close and personal with the latest from the maker of Trojan Lubricants. Here's what they had to say
Valentine's Day Love Needs Solid Financial Footing

When it comes to what people are looking for in their ideal Valentine's Day date, don't ignore Cupid's lesser-known weapon: fiscal responsibility.
Thigh-High Slits: The Sexiest Way to Show Some Skin This Fall

Amp up the sex appeal of your fall ensembles with leg-baring dresses and skirts
3 Wholesale Stocks That Are Bucking the Weak Wholesale Trend

Looking for companies with momentum that can beat this down market? Consider these three under-the-radar wholesalers.
Larry David Meets 'Bernie Sanderswitzski'

Bernie Sanders came face to face with Larry David on Saturday Night Live, the latest presidential candidate to meet up with the actor who plays him or her on the show. "Bernie Sanderswitzski" found himself aboard a sinking ship as David's 1-percenter character tried to weasel his way onto a...
Aaron Sorkin Bringing To Kill a Mockingbird to Broadway

It's already been made into an Oscar-winning movie ; now To Kill a Mockingbird is being transformed into a Broadway production. The New Yor k Times reports that Harper Lee's acclaimed 1960 novel will be adapted for the Great White Way by Aaron Sorkin, best known for his work on T...
Rent an Apartment? Then You’re Paying More for Auto Insurance

Why pay more for auto insurance just because you rent. Stand and fight, and know that major consumer groups have your back.
This Valentine’s Day, 25% Of Spouses Won’t Know Their Partner’s Credit Score

Don't surprise a spouse or partner with a low credit score - make honesty the best policy.
Can You Really See with Online Discount Eyeglasses?

Will you go blind? Or save hundreds of dollars?
9 saving and investing tips for all ages

No matter what age you are, you should save and invest. These tips are for everyone.
Can bank foreclose on reverse mortgage?

Can a homeowner keep her house, despite owing the reverse-mortgage lender for taxes?
Top 4 Davis Funds for Retirement Diversification in 2016

Discover the four best mutual funds managed by Davis Advisors that pursue different investment strategies that can help diversify retirement portfolios.
Profit from Art with a Charitable Remainder Trust

With a CRUT, art collectors can avoid capital gains taxes on the sale of art while also leaving their favorite charity a legacy.
Here's How Kristin Cavallari's Brother Died

The death of Michael Cavallari, brother to reality star Kristin Cavallari and brother-in-law to NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, was accidental, E! reports. Cavallari crashed his car in frigid weather while traveling through a remote part of Utah and died of hypothermia, a medical examiner has determined. He had left California...
What Baby Boomers Need to Know About IRA RMDs

Mandatory minimum distributions from traditional IRAs and qualified plans cannot be avoided. But there are several ways to minimize their impact.
Why Dementia Rates Are Going Down

If you look after your heart and educate your brain, you have a better chance of avoiding or at least delaying dementia, new research suggests. Boston University School of Medicine researchers say data from the Framingham Heart Study, which has tracked the health of thousands of people in the Massachusetts...
14 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Protein Sources

Meat- and dairy-free protein options can help you stay slim and healthy.
4 tips to save without really trying

Some are good at stashing cash for future needs. If you're not, follow these tips.
See photos of 13 presidents' boyhood homes

Where did U.S. presidents grow up? We rank their?boyhood homes by lavishness.
As hiring increases, so does our financial security

Positive feelings about job security and savings make Americans feel more secure.
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It Was Clinton's Best Debate, but Big Loser Wasn't Bernie
After Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off in the first Democratic debate since Sanders' big win in New Hampshire, critics agreed there was one big loser: Henry Kissinger, who came under merciless attack from Bernie Sanders. "I'm proud to say that Henry Kissinger is not my friend," Sanders told... More >
Latest News
Cruz Dumps Ad Featuring Softcore-Porn Actress
Marco Rubio may have cracked a tooth on a Twix bar , but Ted Cruz shouldn't laugh too hard: He just had to yank an ad because it featured a softcore-porn actress. As BuzzFeed reports, the Cruz campaign pulled a spot called "Conservatives Anonymous" because it included the actress Amy Lindsay... More >
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