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Analysts' Actions -- Avery Dennison, Manpower, Netflix, Square and More

Here are Friday's top research calls, including downgrades for Avery Dennison and Manpower, an upgrade for Square and new coverage of Netflix.
Makeup Transformations That Totally Trump Your Halloween Costume

See how these amazing artists use makeup to turn themselves into celebrities and pop culture icons
Americans Love Getting Paper Statements, But Should They Pay a Fee for Them?

Over 90 million U.S. financial consumers love their bank and credit card statements, and 50% said they'll pay to get them.
11 Flat Boots We Wish Were In Our Closet

This must-have boot style has been all over the runways and the streets. These are our favorite pairs
What Brexit? The Dow Could Rally to 18,000

Stocks rebounded the past two days, and the Dow could rally to 18,000.
Independence Day Fizzles

The tidal wave of Finding Dory overwhelmed the sputtering sequel Independence Day: Resurgence, whose weekend debut was drowned out by the popular Pixar release in North American theaters, reports the AP . In its second week, Finding Dory easily remained on top with an estimated $73.2 million, according to studio...
Trump, Swift, Cosby, More Get Naked in Kanye's New Music Video

Here's something you never thought you'd see: Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, and George W. Bush naked in bed together. Enter Kanye West's new NSFW music video for "Famous," which depicts 12 celebrities sprawled out in their birthday suits on a giant bed. Also included are Caitlyn Jenner, Kim...
Consumers Too Connected at Home Are at Greater Risk of Being Hacked

The rise of connected devices in the home means the probability that your security camera can be hacked is mounting as consumers are not boosting the security of their networks.
Toxic Twins: How to Battle Combined Credit Card and Student Loan Debt

Having high student loan debt is bad enough, without adding enormous credit card debt.
Want to Recruit the Best Talent? Start By Ditching the Foosball Table

Silicon Valley startups might have the best snack fridges, but what employees really want to know about is your 401(k).
This is the only bank account you need

Who needs a savings account when there are checking accounts with high yields?
Personal loan vs. store financing to buy furniture

Weigh these factors when choosing between a personal loan and store financing for a big purchase.
Elizabeth Warren's Solution to No COLA Increase in 2016

Sen. Warren plans to increase in Social Security benefits in place of a COLA in 2016.
Why Women Retire with Less Money

The gender gap plays a significant role in women's ability to put aside enough money for a comfortable retirement. How to fight back.
Big-Name Author Gay Talese Just Torpedoed His Own Book

Acclaimed journalist and author Gay Talese has a new non-fiction book out this month, but a fact-check by the Washington Post prompted this unprecedented statement from Talese himself on Thursday: Im not going to promote this book. How dare I promote it when its credibility is down the toilet? The...
Why Technology is Key for Ultra-Wealthy Clients

The ultra wealthy have very different needs that tend to be a lot more complex than a typical client. Here are new technologies to help serve them.
This Might Be the First Shark Caught Napping

A Shark Week team with Discovery has just posted a YouTube video of what the channel calls "the first-ever footage of a great white shark napping." The narrator doesn't put it quite so definitively, but he does note that as the team observes the female shark's behavior change as daytime...
How You Answer This Question May Say aLot About Your Happiness

When researchers asked people if they'd rather have more money or more time, they discovered an interesting link.
'Shark Tank' star makes killing on condo

Mogul Robert Herjavec from reality TV recently sold this gorgeous unit at a pretty profit.
Getting a VA loan for a short sale

Getting a VA loan may not be the easiest way for a veteran to buy a short sale, but it can be done.
Understanding the basics of estate planning

Here's whyyou need aplan for the distribution of your assets, no matter what your age.
The New Superfoods for Weight Loss

Healths nutritionist calls it: These six stars will soon be everywhere in 2016. Learn why theyre so good for you and how to get more in your diet ASAP.
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Man Dies While Posing for Photo at Machu Picchu
It wasn't quite death-by-selfie , but it wasn't far off. Peru This Week reports that a German tourist died Wednesday while posing for a photo at Peru's famed Machu Picchu site. Oliver Park, 51, went into a restricted area of the mountainous tourist locale in the Andes, despite warning signs and... More >
Latest News
Judge Bans 10-Year-Old Girl From Playing Golf
Deadspin has a bizarre story about a Virginia judge banning a 10-year-old golf prodigy … from playing golf. The unnamed girl has won 11 of the past 12 youth tournaments she's played in and even took first place in an all-ages women's competition. “She’s really good,” says Kris Tschetter, a... More >
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