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This Memorial Day, Discounts On Travel And Home Appliances Are Heating Up

Memorial Day shoppers should expect big discounts this weekend, but they have to choose carefully.
16 Sandals You'll Want to Walk in All Summer Long

Wear-anywhere sandals that are as practical as they are stylish--really!
To Cut Debt, Americans Are Downsizing or Even Eliminating Summer Vacation Plans

Worried about debt, and even a recession, Americans are forgoing summer vacations.
9 Ways to Look Like a Celebrity This Summer

These star-worthy makeup tricks will make you glow all season long
Why Microsoft's Nokia Smartphone Failure Isn't Bad for Investors

The technology giant is continuing to streamline its mobile business, taking a loss on its 2014 purchase. Here is why this is a smart move.
Billboard Awards' 5 Most Talked-About Looks

It was Billboard Music Award time again on Sunday, when the music industry's most popular artists are honoredand when the world looks at their outfits and says either "Wow!" or "Huh?" Five of the most talked-about getups: Z LaLa. This electro-pop artist is probably better known for her outrageous...
JLaw: I Was Held in 'Jail' for 5 Hours

Jennifer Lawrence tried to tell a liereally she did. On The Graham Norton Show , the actress says she was traveling to London to audition for the role of Mystique in 2011's X-Men: First Class when colleagues told her to lie about her visit because her passport was set to...
Student Loan Debt a Drag on Financial and Non-Financial Asset Values

Study claims student debt hits equity in real estate as owners reach their 30s.
1 in 5 Car Title Loan Borrowers End Up Losing Their Vehicle

Are car title loans legitimate? Some say so, and some say no.
The 529 Plan Is the Best College Savings Strategy You Aren't Using

Three-quarters of Americans don't know they can save for college tax-free, which isn't doing high-school graduates any favors.
Gimme more: Britney Spears wants $9M for this mansion

You want a piece of Britney Spears? The pop star is selling her Spanish-style house.
Widow asks: Are Social Security survivors benefits taxed?

Up to 85% of your Social Securitybenefits may be taxable if your earnings exceed a certain level.
5 Women Executives Who Are Shattering the Glass Ceiling (JPM, GM)

Learn how these five women have successfully climbed to the top of the business world and are playing a large role in shattering the glass ceiling.
The Top Challenges Financial Advisors Face

These are the top challenges that financial advisors face today.
23-Member Team Behind Both of Kate's Royal Births

Duchess Kate may have made childbirth look easy, leaving the hospital nine hours after delivering Princess Charlotte looking fresh as a daisy. But behind the scenes was a 23-member team of medical professionals, the Telegraph reports. OB-GYN Tiong Ghee Teoh talked to the newspaper about the "huge team" that was...
The Best 2 ETFs for a Rate Hike (XLF,UUP)

These two ETFs have potential to move higher if the Federal Reserve hikes interest rates.
Nerds Are Outraged Over New Captain America Reveal

A few weeks after Captain America: Civil War blew up the box office, Marvel Comics blew up Captain America. Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 , released Wednesday, contains a twist so shocking fans are already calling for a boycott. SPOILER: Captain America has been a double agent working for Hydra this...
Mortgage rates reflect mixed economic news

For homebuyers and refinancers, mortgage rates are still enticingly low.
Pay debts and taxes, then issue trust's assets

Distributing a trust's assets can be knotty. Here's how to approach it.
The Best Foods for Every Vitamin and Mineral

Want to get your nutrients the natural way? We break down the best food sources for 20 of the most important.
3 things you need to tap home equity

Even with rising home prices, you'll still need these key ingredients to take cash out of your home.
17 Surprising Reasons You're Stressed Out

Watch out for these hidden anxiety triggers and mood busters.
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Report: Kay Jewelers Swaps Diamonds With Fakes
"It was flat-out theft." That's how one woman describes her experience with Kay Jewelers, which is facing a barrage of complaints from customers who say their jewelry was lost or damaged—or even that the diamonds in their engagement rings were replaced with fake ones. Chrissy Clarius tells BuzzFeed she... More >
Latest News
Deep in a Cave, Neanderthals Did Something Remarkable
For tens of thousands of years, the secrets of France's Bruniquel Cave went unknown, its mouth closed off by a rock slide. That began to change in the late '80s, the Atlantic reports, when a boy named Bruno Kowalsczewski started clearing away what obstructed the opening; three years later, in... More >
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